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August Newsletter


From The Office


What an interesting month it has been at our centre! We have experienced a few changes due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions however the children seem to be adapting very well. This is definitely due to both parents and educators explaining and informing children of what is happening in our world. Mask wearing is definitely something different for the children to be experiencing from their educators and we hope that restrictions may ease so we can be full faced again. As we do have some hearing-impaired children within the centre you may notice some educators without their masks on while communicating with them. This is a necessity so the children can understand what is being said. 

Thankyou so much to all of the parents who have been so helpful when their children are unwell and are keeping them away from the centre and bringing in medical clearances for their return. It is so important for us to try to keep contained any cross infection of germs as illness can take hold and spread very fast. Please continue to keep up the wonderful awareness of illness and keep your children at home if they are unwell or displaying any signs related to Covid-19 or other infectious ailments. We do understand this can be trying and frustrating for parents taking time off work however in order to keep the general health of the centre in a stable place we need to follow our exclusion policies for not accepting ill children. 

 Book Week

We saw a wonderful array of costumes at our book week parade last week. So many little characters running around the centre sowing off their outfits. Our theme this year was Old World, New worlds, Other worlds. Here are a couple of photographs of the day. We will be putting an album up on our Facebook page this week. 

Friendly Reminders

Disabled Carpark:  We have noticed many people parking in this car space as of late. Could families please keep the disabled car park vacant for people who require it.

Change of Bookings: Please remember that we do require a 2 week advance notice in writing for change of bookings and days. If you request a change of days you will receive a form to complete. This needs to be returned ASAP so your changes can be entered into our system. If this form is not returned then we cannot change your booking as we technically do not have it in writing

Toys from Home: We have also noticed an increase in children bringing in toys from home. We ask that parents please refrain from this as home toys quite often end up broken or lost. Staff cannot be held responsible for toys bought in from home. In regards to show and tell items we suggest items of interest rather than toys. Some examples for show and tell items may be shells, flowers, seeds or other nature items, special cards or letters, recipes they may have helped bake, photos of events, anything children can discus and talk about.

Upcoming Events 

Fathers Day Take away breakfast- September 3rd

Superhero Day-September 6th(come along dressed as your favourite superhero)

August News