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May Newsletter


From the Office

Welcome to our May Newsletter. 

Our month has been extremely busy and there has been a hive of activity around the centre.

We held our annual Mother's Day stall and afternoon tea. It was so lovely to have our mums and grand mums come into the centre and enjoy an afternoon of pampering, arts and crafts. Congratulations to our lucky door prize winners and we hope all of our mums had a wonderful Mother's Day and received some special little surprises bought at our stall. 

On 24th May we all participated in National Simultaneous Storytime where we came out to the front foyer to share the story "The Speedy Sloth" read from Taronga zoo in Sydney. We then followed on with some fun activities within our rooms. 

Winter is definitely on our doorstep and with that comes the colder weather, especially in the mornings and afternoons. Winter also sees our daily routines adjust to accommodate the weather and children's needs. You may find that the children are staying inside longer in the mornings and also going inside a little earlier in the afternoons as the darkness comes in somewhat earlier now. With this in mind though-the colder weather is definitely great for children to experience the fresh air outdoors so can all parents please ensure that your child has a jumper and shoes for outdoor play.

Upcoming Events: 
Date Event
5th June World Environment Day
6th JuneQueensland Day
12th-14th JuneCentre photos
16th JuneCentre Disco 6.30pm-8.30pm
21st JuneState of Origin 2-wear your colours.
19th June-30th JuneParent Teacher Interviews

Centre Photos

Our centre photos will be taken on June 12th to 14th. Tuesday 13th June will be allocated as the group photo day. We have sent out a XAP email with photo forms attached. These need to be completed and sent back to the photographer by next Friday June 9th. We do have some printed forms in the rooms but these will still need to be scanned and emailed to the photographer. Please do not hand these to the office. If you are requiring a sibling form please email Kelly and we will be able to send one to you. Unfortunately the file was a bit too big to add into the XAP messaging. 

Centre Disco

Our theme this year is "Under the Sea" so get your creative minds flowing for your costumes. Booking forms were sent out in pockets/bags last week so please complete these with your payment and place it in the Ticket box in the front foyer.  

Immunisations in XAP

We have noticed that a lot of parents have not completed their children's immunisation status in XAP. This is very important as if we have a case of a contagious illness that is covered by a vaccine we are required to exclude all children that are not immunised. If you have not completed this section in XAP we will have to assume your child is unimmunised.

Staff Leave

The following staff will be on leave over the next Month 

Miss Jess: 20th June-9th June

Miss Odette: 9th June-16th June


In order to receive Childcare subsidy, all families must first apply through MYGOV.  It is a wise idea to do this a few weeks before your child's start date so that it has been processed and comes through by the time your little one begins their first day with us. in order for CCSS to be submitted successfully from our XAP system all parents must complete their enrolment forms and sign the CWA(Complying Written agreement). If your CCS has not been confirmed by start date full fees will be charged to the account. 

In regards to accounts please remember that our policy is payment one week in advance. If your payment declines you will be required to either pay online or rerun the payment. unfortunately accounts that fall behind may be suspended. 

Breakfast at the centre

Just another friendly reminder that we can only serve breakfast to children up to 7.30am. After this time we become very busy and we cannot have food out with our curriculum experiences. Please note that breakfast bought in after 7.30am will not be able to be served. morning tea is usually served around 9am so we can ensure all children have eaten something in the morning at this time. 

Unwell children

As it comes into winter we are finding many more children becoming unwell with coughs and colds. We would like to remind parents to please keep your child at home if they are unwell. 

Our centre Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness policy asks families to :

 Please keep children at home should they be presenting signs of being unwell prior to attending care.

Our Infectious disease policy and procedure asks families:

  • Not to provide paracetamol, Ibuprofen or other similar products to their child before attending care, especially if it is for a temperature, this is based on the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recommendations, this is because:
    • A temperature or fever is usually a sign of illness, this may be contagious and result in a circulation of an infectious disease,
    • These products mask the symptoms which may both delay the child seeking required medication attention or rest to recover from and fight the illness, and
    • Your child may start to feel unwell a few hours after being dropped off as these products wear off, this may result in your child experiencing discomfort while is care. Educators will need to contact families to collect their child if they are displaying symptoms of being unwell and are not able to participate fully in the program.

Quote of the Month

 Education is Learning what you didn't know you didn't even know.

                              Daniel. J. Boorstin

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