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August News

Hello everyone....

Our current centre focus is on Quality Area 5. (National Quality Standards)


Good relationships early in life help children to connect with others, build positive friendships and support children to self-regulate their emotions.

Research shows relationships are central to children developing acceptance, self-esteem and higher functioning thinking skills that contribute to positive learning and life outcomes. Educators can take an active role in nurturing, supporting and promoting children's relationships and social skills.

For relationships to be meaningful, interactions need to be warm, caring and responsive. When attention is given to building connections and maintaining them over time, children are more likely to feel a sense of security, well-being and belonging.

Speak Soon,

Rachael and the Ladies

Winter germs

It is that time of year for fuzzy socks, warm blankies, winter PJ's and .....SICKNESS. I think like most of our community we have had our fair share of winter bugs and we are hopefully on the mend. To help us with our fight against the winter sickies, please keep your child home until they are well enough to return to the centre. As COVID-19 is threatening our livelihood once more we are taking the presentation of sick children even more seriously at this time.

We are trying our best to stop the spread of any infections within the centre by ramping up our already strict health and hygiene practices.

Things to look out for:

* Lethargy * Vomiting/ Diarrhoea *Flu type symptoms

* High temperatures * Runny nose *General feeling of being unwell

* ANY SYMPTOMS requiring ongoing need for paracetamol

Thank you for your help 

Weekly Yoga for the KINDERGARTEN children Daisy Hill Early Learning Centre 

Daisy Hill ELC is continuing to offer a Yoga program, FREE of charge for your Kindergarten children

The class will be held at 9.45am on a Wednesday Morning.