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News Letter

Welcome to Underwood ELC news letter, Its been a very busy month with lots of change. First off we have had some educator changes, Miss Karleigh has stepped down as lead educator in the pre kindy room to focus on her own children and her studies. Karleigh will be working only a couple of days a week now. Miss Chloe is leaving us and moving over to our sister centre at Pallara, she will be greatly missed by all and we wish her well. Miss Tracey is going to step up and take on the lead educator role of the Pre kindy room, I'm sure you may have already noticed she is doing a wonderful job. I have employed a new educator Miss Mosunmola she is studying her Master of Education, hopefully she will take on the lead role in the junior kindy room. If any parents have any concerns in regard to the changes in their child's rooms, please see miss Leanne in the office. 

Asking all parents for donations of old kids shorts, pants or trousers.  We are in desperate need of spare clothes, with so many children toilet training and winter, we have run out of spare clothes. Ideally parents could bring in more clothes for your child during the day and if your child goes home with spare clothes on please wash them and return the items next time you come back to care.  

Sheets are another item that some families are forgetting to provide for your child, we only have a limited number of sheets to use when you forget to bring your child's for the day. All children must have a sheet each day they attend care, and as it is getting cold you can bring a little blanket as well if you like. 

Tooth brushing program  

We need all families to provide a toothbrush for your child. If you have not provided a toothbrush recently, please bring one to your child's teacher ASAP as it will need replacing. 

We believe tooth brushing at a childcare is not a replacement for proper dental care at home, but it does give an advantage in the fight against plaque. It also helps to reinforce good dental practices from an early age. 

Parent information Night 

Parents are all welcome to a very important event we are hosting at Underwood ELC on Wednesday 23rd August starting at 6pm. Please feel free to invite your friends, neighbours, grandparents anyone that is interested in learning how to protect young children online.  

ThinkUKnow Australia is an evidence based education program delivered nationally to prevent online child sexual exploitation.

ThinkUKnow Australia is a partnership between the Australian Federal Police, Microsoft Australia, Datacom and the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. The program is delivered in collaboration with policing partners New South Wales Police Force, Northern Territory Police, Queensland Police, South Australia Police, Tasmania Police, Western Australia Police, as well as Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

The presentation will be delivered by a local law enforcement member and an industry volunteer. The presentation is pro-technology and addresses topics including self-generated child abuse material, online grooming, sexual extortion, and importantly encourages help seeking behaviour.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to learn more about young people and the online environment, and how you can help them to be safe and responsible users of technology.

For more information, you can visit