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Kindergarten Parent Teacher Interviews

The Kindergarten Parent Teacher interviews will be held on a Monday over 3 weeks, Starting on the 17th may, 24th May and 31st May. There are morning and afternoon times available. The time able is in the office, place your name  in the slot you would like your interview to take place. 

I have included some information on the QLD Kindergarten Transition Statement Consent. All parents with children will need to fill in the Kindergarten Transition Statement Consent Form 1 and form 2 even if you don't book an interview time with Joann. 

A message from Joann the Kindergarten Teacher 

 Welcome Parents

By now you may have noticed the difference between kindergarten and senior kindy. Not only does it follow the kindergarten guidelines (Queensland govt) but I am a Bachelor trained teacher.


At kindy, children are learning through play to:

• use language to communicate ideas and feelings

• make friends, share and play with others

• learn through new experiences

• become more confident and feel strong

• express themselves through art, dance and dramatic play

• build on their knowledge, learn new skills for school and explore new ideas and help them enjoy a great start to school.

As part of my job here at Underwood Early Learning Centre I like to share information that may help you as parents.

We will be having parent interviews in May so I can share with you how much your children have learnt in the past months.

Children's behaviour is often a discussion point during parent teacher interviews. The children are learning the positive behaviours that need to be able to learn for school. E.g. sitting on the mat (Listening skills), following instructions and rules.

I found the Triple P parenting program (Positive parenting program) very helpful when my children were small and I still use these strategies with your children today.

Triple P is an internationally-acclaimed parenting program which is offered free to all Queensland parents and carers of children up to 16 years of age. Triple Pconsidered one of the world's best because it has been scientifically shown to work and because it's already helped more than four million children and their families in more than 25 countries. The Queensland Government is now offering Triple P free as part of its commitment to supporting families across the state.


Triple P helps you:

Raise happy, confident kids

Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more

Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows

Encourage behaviour you like

Take care of yourself as a parent

Feel confident you're doing the right thing


Parenting program proven to work | Triple P Online - Triple P Positive Parenting Queensland (

Another website I found valuable with my role is Raising children Network.

It is full of information about parenting.


Raising Children Network

If you would like to book an interview time the dates you can book are Monday 17th 24th and 31st May from 10am till 11.45am then again from 2pm to 3.30pm

Please put your name down on the time table that will be on the front counter in the office.