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January News

 Welcome to 2021! what an exciting year we have in stall here at Underwood. 

 Our new Menu from Kids Gourmet Foods started on Monday the 4th and the children are loving the food. 

With the new catering we have updated our food safety program through the Logan City council. What this means for you - we can no longer accept bottles of cows milk or babies bottles  pre made. For babies on formula please bring in empty bottles and formula so we can make the bottle up as baby needs it. When bringing milk in for breakfast only bring one days supply that can be served to your child right away. we can no longer take the bottle for the whole week. Breakfast is to be had before 7.30am each morning after this time the educators cannot leave the room or playground to make food or wash up. 

Birthday Cakes 

When you bring in a birthday cake for your child's birthday it must be logged in with the kitchen staff Kirstine or Mimi. The girls will need to log date made/ purchased and a full list of ingredients in the cake. This is to keep in line with our food safety program. 

Our new Kindergarten Program commences on 27th January, parents that have not done so please remember to fill in the Kindergarten Acknowledgment form and send in your child's birth certificate so we can claim kindy funding for the class room. 

Extra Curricular Activities 

This year we have Grasshopper Soccer with Wes on Wednesdays morning again. Grasshopper Soccer will be free for all children in the Kindergarten class. The kindergarten class will also have Raw Art classes on Tuesdays, with the first class to start on 2nd February. 

Underwood ELC is  super excited to say we will soon have a Native Australian stingless bee hive of our own to care for. The benefits of caring for native stingless bees are 

-- They will help to pollinate your treasured plants.
-- They may supply you with a taste of their unique honey.
-- They have interesting social behaviour like the commercial honey bees, but they are stingless and easier to handle.
-- Best of all, they are "true blue" Australian bees.

Tooth Brushing 

Each room will again be brushing the children's teeth each day, if you haven't replaced your child's tooth brush for at least a month please send in a new brush as soon as possible thank you