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Kidz Magic Edens Crossing July Newsletter 2022


Welcome to all our new families that have joined our wonderful Kidz Magic family, we look forward to getting to know you, and supporting your child's and families transition to our educational service. As we are continuing to grow our service, we welcome new staff and are all excited to have new smiling faces around the centre, we continue to strive to provide quality care and education with in our service.

Winter outdoor fun

We have had so much fun, getting rugged up in warm clothes and having fun exploring our outdoor environment this Winter. The children have benefited from breathing in fresh air and having fun stretching their bodies and mind while playing outside, this can positively impact the children's physical and emotional wellbeing. During our outdoor play, we have been observing and investigation the changes in our natural environment and having some great chats about how the weather affects ourselves and the environment.

When playing outside the children are provided with lots of opportunity to play games, build, create and collaborate with their peers, this supports in developing their physical, social, and cognitive skills.

To continue our exploration of our cold and marvellous winter, we have participated in an end of the month pyjama party, this provided some great opportunities to extend on learning on warm and appropriate winter clothing, and how weather can affect what we eat, what we do, and what we wear.

Spotlight moment on play and learning.

The fun and learning at our centre have been full of amazing moment, experiences and projects, this month's journey has kept all the children engaged and busy and extending their learning through play.

Our Toddler and Junior Kindy rooms have been exploring colours and shapes through play and in developing their understanding of shapes in the environment. The children have had lots of fun during their physical play on their new foam play set. This has provided lots of fun and laughter, with the children using the triangle mats as slides, and mastering their jumping from the square blocks.

Senior Kindergarten has been very interested in developing their understanding of celebratory events, this has included cultural days, birthdays, and holidays. We were also very excited with our parent participation throughout the month, and had fun learning about American Independence Day celebrations, which we celebrated with a variety of different foods, colours, and music.

Preschool has been focusing our learning on the children's interest in our great oceans and seas, and all the wonderful creatures that live under it. We have been using ICT to investigate the different types of sea creatures in the very deepest parts of the oceans. Numeracy learning has been fun, with the children comparing their size to big sharks and whales.