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July 2022 Newsletter - Kidz Magic Capestone

Hi Families,

Welcome to our July Newsletter.

We've had a busy July already with loads of events and fun.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our PJ day.

July also brought us some special visitors with Miss Mariela's parents here from Peru.  They joined us for our celebrations of Peru's Independence Day and performed some beautiful dances for the children and staff to enjoy.

Save the date for our school photo week - 1st August.  We are going with the full natural shots this year instead of posed photos so ask that you send your child dressed ready for photos each day that they attend care or inform educators on drop off which day your ready.

If you have any questions just ask.

Thank you very much 

Hayley Le | Centre Director | Kidz Magic - Capestone  

  • 1 August 2022 - National Tree Day

The last Friday in July is dedicated to Schools Tree Day. Each year, more than 3000 schools participate nationwide in environmental activities that educate individuals about the world around them. Activities range from planting bush tucker gardens, building habitat for native wildlife, nature play and more.

  • 3 to 9 August 2022 - Dental Health Week

Dental Health Week, which takes place in the first week of August each year, is the major annual oral health promotion event of the Australian Dental Association (ADA).

  • 6 August 2022 - Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising campaign which aimed at supporting families and individuals affected by genetic disorders. The campaign raises money through a variety of activities in order to provide grants to organisations which transform the lives of children living with genetic disorders.

  • 14 to 22 August 2022 - Science Week

Science Week (sometimes National Science Week) refers to series of science-related events for the general public which are held in a specific countries during a designated week of the year. The aim of such science weeks is to engage and inspire people of all ages with science, engineering and technology. The 2022 schools theme is Glass: more than meets the eye.

  • 20 to 26 August 2022 - Book Week 

Each year since 1945 the CBCA has brought children and books together across Australia through CBCA Book Week. During this time schools and public libraries spend one glorious week celebrating books and Australian children's authors and illustrators. Classroom teachers, teacher librarians and public librarians create colourful displays, develop activities, run competitions and tell stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading. The 2022 Book Week theme is Dreaming with eyes open.

 Swetha Math - 2 August to 13 September 2022 

Charmaine Weston - 3 August 2022 

Alida Fourie - 5 to 12 August 2022 

 Priya - 11 August 2022

 Sandra Pehera - 12 August 2022

Mariela Finerty - 12 to 15 August 2022 

Aparna Gottumukkula - 19 August 2022

 Welcome to July in Nursery 1.

Hello to all our Nursery one families, it has been a busy month with all the children investigating and exploring different forms of sensory play. Over the last couple of weeks, we have extended on the children's learning, in sensory play to see how they would react looking, listening, feeling in different ways. We were amazed by their reactions, their facial expressions first described confusion, but the concentration was very clearly visible, some of our children where very hesitant at first but with lots of encouragement and doing by example the children followed and engaged. All our children are already started to develop their language skills through facial expression, words and babbling sounds to express their feelings and emotions and will continue in supporting their language skills.

As we are slowly approaching the end of the year it's been amazing for Sandra and myself to watch our babies develop into toddlers, the children are all comfortable in their surroundings so has those little personalities started to become a lot stronger which brings so much joy to watch each day. Some of our children have achieved new milestones and will continue to do so as we still have many more to reach by the end of the year.

We would like to thank all our parents for their support and if you have any suggestions on your child's development and learning and feel you can contribute, please let us know so we can achieve the best outcomes for our children.

Just a reminder to please make sure our children have some spare cloths in their bags just in-case for those cold and messy days of food and soiling.

Miss Alida and Miss Sandra.

 Newsletter for July 2022

Welcome to our July newsletter for Nursery 2 families. I am super glad to see our babies are reaching their milestones and gaining independence. We are very happy to see that some of our little friends are developing important skills in many different areas.

First I want to give Kalen, Lolita and Samuel a warm welcome for joining in Nursery 2. We will continue to give support for their transition as well as to help them to cope with and learn our daily routine.

For the past month we try to began our group time with the acknowledgment to the country. We are so happy to see children trying to copy the actions with us. Then our beautiful Miss Yefi sings Indonesian nursery songs and I try to sing some Bangladeshi rhymes. We are focusing up to 5 numbers to help the children learn at their own pace. It cheers me up when We see children learning and achieving so many things, as we introduce them to new experiences.

We are so proud of our little friends as they try to begin using words and sounds to communicate and express their feelings. They can recognise their name, follow instructions such as, using a spoon during meal time. Some children are walking confidently, interacting with the educators & also peers at the same time. They are now playing as a group and showing interest in different activities.

We appreciate and would like to commend all of our amazing parents and the amount of support we receive from them. If anyone has any ideas or concerns please feel free to contact us so we can help in any way possible. Please remember to check Educa as we post your child's daily activities.

Thank you from N2 Team

Miss Yefi, Miss Inday and Miss Luna

Here are some pictures that we would like to share with you during July activities: 

 Hi Families and Friends,

What a July! The children have been delving more into each letter of the alphabet, discovering words using the sounds of the letters and using their pre writing shapes we have learnt to make up each letter. With each letter we have been setting up provocations to extend learning using a rummage box for the children to rummage through and find the items that start with a particular letter we are learning about. This is to help the children to connect the sound of the letter, naming and holding a physical object.

The children are learning basic words in Miss Tabi's home language, Farsi. So far they are fluent in colours, numbers and now we are moving onto shapes! Thank you to Miss Tabi for sharing with us.

Some wonderful art and sensory experiences this month were spray bottle painting, butterfly life cycle provocation and still life drawing, lantern making, ice cube painting. The children made jelly fish sensory bottles, their own playdo for stamping, damper for afternoon tea and gardens in jars with grass seeds.

The one activity that the educators are loving is our combined Pre Kindergarten and Senior Toddler group Zumba lessons! This promotes a sense of friendship between the children of the 2 groups, and also promotes gross motor skills along with rhythm, dance, instruction following and fun!

Thank you,

Miss Amy. Miss Dani, Miss Tabi, Miss Dishu, Miss Ness and Miss Charmaine.

 Kindy 1 Newsletter July 2022

This month we have started to explore our theme of Fairy Tales. We have looked at what a fairy tale is and joy of storytelling. To tell a story we can use our creative skills and incorporate props, costumes, visuals and music to role play and act out a story. Using a range of media and tools, we have begun to investigate puppet theatres, story stones and making our own props using recycled art and craft items.

We also enjoyed celebrating Pajama Day, Japanese Drumming, Peru Independence Day and NAIDOC week, where we learnt about Warbu the Green Tree Frog. We learnt a song using Gubbi Gubbi and English language, about the frog keeping our waterways clean. Our excursion to

Maleny Dairy Farm was lots of fun, with the children learning about animals, dairy foods and farm life. It was a lovely bus ride up into the hills with the children learning about the environment, following safety instructions and feeling a sense of community and being part of a group, together learning and making connections.

Miss Shwetha has also continued teaching us Hindi language extending our numbers from 10 to 20. We are also extending our spatial learning concepts using the size of objects, body positions, and location. For example, can you put the smallest bowl of porridge next to the biggest chair.... we are actually doing this hands on learning during the role play of Goldilocks and the 3 bears story. We are also learning to sort items from smallest to biggest and using the language of small,

medium and large. We are also beginning to explore the concept that every story has a beginning, middle and end, with characters, a setting and a lesson to be learnt or a problem to be solved!

This month with much excitement we introduced our Interactive Whiteboard into our program. This board allows us to begin our learning using technology in a fun and interactive way to complement our learning program. The children have started to explore the feel of using the pen to manoeuvre visuals around, trace and draw shapes, letters and numbers. We can so listen to stories, participate in music and songs, and begin using an interactive calendar to explore our days of the week and month.

Our focus shapes, this month have been ovals and stars. We have identified different places we might see these shapes in our environment and started drawing them too.

Our phonics focus so far this term have been letters L, W, R and F. We are learning to recognise and produce the sounds and begin putting constant sounds together with vowel sounds to write and read some words.

Physical aspects of the program have been keeping us active and busy outside. We had fun with hopscotch, our new swings and skipping. We also continued yoga, mindfulness and meditation experiences using the Go Noodle resources. Throughout the day we are teaching the children to pause, refocus

and stretch with a brain break and relaxation strategies to help our brains grow and develop self regulation skills. 


Wunya families,

We have had an exciting month with our amazing Maleny Dairy Farm excursion and the addition of our wonderful smart board to our program. We had a wonderful time at the farm exploring the grounds and looking at all of the processes of how dairy products are made and sent to the shops. We loved getting to try some different types of products too but I think our absolute favorite was the bus drive. We all had so much fun.

Our new smart board is going to help us take our learning and intentional teaching moments to the next level. The children have loved writing on the board and practicing their letters and we are exploring educational apps to further our literacy and numeracy skills too.

Just a gentle reminder to please pack a hat everyday. Sun safety is an important habit to teach the children and this can be hard if they don't have a hate everyday. We have very minimal spare hats available so please pack a NAMED hat everyday. Thank you

The Kindy 2 Team