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June News


During the month of June the children have been busy discovering & exploring.

The children wore Yellow to coincide with Reconciliation week which was from the 27th of May to the 3rd of June, during this time the children learnt about sharing the histories, cultures & achievements of all Australians. 

The Toddler children used red, orange & yellow paint to paint palm fronds, natural earth colours to paint the outside of the sandpit. They also painted cardboard cut outs of themselves using green, yellow & orange paint - showing their Identity. 

The children in the Nursery sourced baby dolls from around the world & learnt about each culture. 

The children in the Early Learners room were focusing on Identity, using pictures of themselves to piece together just like a puzzle, they also joined the Toddlers in using natural earth colours to paint around the sandpit.

The Pre-Kindy children were focusing on their fine motor skills - trying to place the rubber bands around the peg boards, which was a little tricky at times as they would fling off their fingers landing halfway across the room. They also did some pattern matching & collage.

The kindergarten children focused on the letters U, S, T, & V for the month of June, they also did some bug discovering, using the eye droppers to place water over the frozen bugs so they slowly defrosted. 

All the children got a special visit form Miss Yolene's Dachshund puppies, they got to snuggle them, watch them run around & pet them.

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