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May Newsletter 2022

What a wonderful month of fun we have just had, and can you believe that it is almost June and the beginning of winter. As the months get cooler, please remember to pack your child with a jumper, shoes and socks as well as a warm spare set of clothes. It is also requested that you please bring a small rug or blanket for rest time. Please remember to name everything. A reminder also that as winter approaches, please keep your children at home if they are unwell. Please be vigilant in not sending sick children to child care if they present with any cold, flu, fever or covid symptoms.

Photo Day

Our photo day is on Wednesday 8th June. The photos will start at 8:00am and continue till approximately 10:30am. If your child usually attends on a Wednesday, all you will need to do is drop off your child as normal, and we will organise their photos for you If it is not your child's booked day, you are welcome to drop in and the photographer will take your child's photo on the spot which should only take around 20 minutes. There is a very simple booking process. Please log onto to and place your order. It is a prepaid system, so please remember to follow the prompts and place your order prior to Wednesday 8th June.

Toys at Kindy

A friendly reminder to parents, to please remind your children to not bring toys with them to kindy. We encourage all children to leave their toys at home or in the car, as this can sometimes cause issues if lost or broken. If your child is eager to bring something to share with their teachers and friends, please share a special story from your weekend by adding photos to educa and the teachers can print out your story to show your class, or bring a story book that the teachers can read to the class. Children are very welcome to bring items of interest which they are excited to share with their friends or items which start with a focus letter, but please no toys at kindy.

Medical risk plans

Families, please ensure if your child has a medical condition, you update
annually the action plan from the doctor so we can update our room /
centre risk plan for your child.

Hand, Foot and Mouth, Illness, temps and medication

Hand, foot and mouth is a viral infection, common especially among young children, spreading rapidly through direct contact with the blisters. Children must be excluded from care until all blisters have burst and are dried.

A temperature is often the first sign that illness is on the way. If your child has a temperature, please do not administer paracetamol and send them to care. If you are unsure if your child is well enough for care, you may like to seek a medical opinion. Please ensure that you have a doctor's clearance before returning to the centre.

Fire Brigade visit…

We had a very special visit from the Wishart Fire Brigade. They came to speak to the children about fire safety and what to do in an emergency to keep themselves safe. One of the firemen

dressed up for us in his special uniforms they wear when putting out fires. He showed us his special breathing apparatus and his helmet which are specially made to protect the Fire Fighters when putting out fires. The children watched the firemen use the huge fire hose and also saw some of the teachers have turns. We also heard the fire truck siren which was very exciting. This was such a wonderful experience and we thank the Wishart fire brigade for coming and also Mavrick's Mum for organising this for us.

From the Preschool Room

The preschool children have been very busy this month developing their fine motor skills. They have been concentrating on patterning, writing and also loved playdough. The children have been identifying letters and numbers and loved the many new resources in the room, and especially our shop in home corner. The preschool children have been lucky enough to borrow items from the museum, and this week, we have been given a life size turtle, as well as a baby turtle and some eggs. We have been learning about the turtle's habitat and also what they eat. We have just had our parent teacher interviews and I thank each and everyone of you for taking the time to meet with me to discuss your child's individual goals and how we can work together as a team to provide the best learning outcomes for your children.

From the Senior Kindy room

Last week was road safety awareness week and our senior kindy children have been busy learning all about road safety. They have joined in on many discussions about learning to cross the road safely as well as learning what the red orange and green lights mean on our traffic lights. We were excited to get a new construction road set which we have all loved using each day. We also learnt about things which fly. We made bees out of recycled corks and flying birds which we collaged feathers. The children also made black crows using the children's hand prints. Due to the children spending so much time in our home corner cooking, this week we are learning and focusing on fruits and vegetables and how they are good for us.

Junior Kindy Room…

Wow, the year is half gone already!! We are coming up to our June/July school holidays. Where has the time gone?

Within the Junior Kindy room. We have been focusing on literacy and numeracy in both our indoor and outdoor environments. We have been including our natural environment within these experiences which has allowed the children to explore different patterns, colours and sizes. The children have been really interacting with the educators hence proud to share what colours, patterns and shapes they know using their expressive language skills. We have been using coloured blocks, stories and craft to support the children in learning.

From the Toddler room…

The Room is a hive of activity right now. Children come in keen to play at their favourite experience or discover something new. The children have been enjoying making music, singing songs, dancing, (the children and educators danced around the room, showing off our best moves) and reading stories about Road safety and Weather.

The room has been modified to cater for current interests and you may have noticed new roads and many street signs in our room. Cars, trucks, little people have also been included to complement the play. These have been well received by children, creating various scenarios whilst playing and this in turn helps children to understand and memorise what all these signs mean, giving them a purpose to what they view when out and about in the community.

From Nursery…

Hello Nursery families
Wow... halfway through the year already and look how much our children have grown and developed. We have witnessed children move physically from crawling to walking, from lying to sitting
to crawling. Language and communication are also developing both verbal and non-verbal as all children have a very strong sense of belonging to our room and are confident to express themselves. Over the past few weeks, we have been very busy exploring lots of different experiences! Firstly, we introduced finger painting into our program and the children have loved swishing and swiping the paint from side to side and squishing it between their fingers. There are many good reasons for babies to explore a fabulous, messy art experience. Not only is it loads of fun, it is also an excellent kinaesthetic experience and is fantastic for the development of all big and small muscles including, fingers, arms, shoulders neck and back.