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March News

Friday 7 April Good Friday - CLOSED
Monday 10 April Easter Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday 25 April Anzac Day - CLOSED
Monday 1 MayLabour Day - CLOSED

Welcome to our March news!  We have a few public holidays upcoming, just a reminder that we are closed on all public holidays.

Easter Hat Parade

We ask that you help make an easter hat at home with your child for this year's Easter Hat parade. The event will commence at 10am - if you will be attending, we ask that you RSVP to this event by Monday 27 March. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with how many people will be in attendance.

Class & Individual Photo's

Have you returned your payment envelope for our photo's next week?  All payment envelopes are due next week.

Father's Group

Did you know that we have a father's group on Facebook?  Find the page today - Kidz Magic Fathers Group.

Pirate Day

Pirate Day

Pirate Day : Make a donation today to support childhood brain cancer research

Save the date - Friday 19 May. Come dressed as a Pirate and help us raise money for Childhood Brain Cancer.


 Hello families, my name is Joanna but I'm mostly known by Jo. I begin today by acknowledging the Yugerra Ugarapul people, Traditional Custodians of the land on which I am writing and working on today and pay my respects to their Elders past and present.

Some families might be familiar with me from a few years ago, although most families now are new faces which I am excited to meet and get to know you and your children too.

A little information about me, my previous roles in the service have been Room leader ranging in the ages from 15m to 4 years. I have worked alongside Tammy and have been mentored by her for almost 5 years. I have also worked in other services in Sydney and Brisbane ranging in different socio-economic areas, with 11 years working with children. I have experience from birth to 5 years. I have two children of my own Ezra 2.5 years old and James 5 years old.

With my experience and absolute passion for child advocacy, rights and social justice. I have been mentored by some really fantastic people, I am passionate about keeping current in early childhood psychology and research. Currently I am interested in trauma-informed play-based learning and this has opened my thoughts to practices that occur in the service.

Now a little more about my role in the service and why I am an important part of this team working with your children. As an educational leader I look for ways to motivate and inspire others in my professional working team. I challenge the idea that we are not babysitters rather pedagogical leaders. Providing children with rich and meaningful experiences in the program. I engage with the educators daily and children too. With permission from children and educators I am able to immerse myself into the environments and engage with children and educators in the learning environments. By doing this I am able to support the educators with the daily challenges that occur which is natural and apart of the human experience. I support them in their everyday work and on their continual quality improvement journey, inspiring them to see the possibilities, try new approaches and take professional and calculated risks.

Just like children don't all learn the same way and are not expected to, I take this same approach with my teaching team. Engaging them in ways to be able to provide quality experiences for your children as co-learners.

To maintain quality for children, I strongly believe that we need to have strong communication with families. Sharing experiences that occur outside the service with your child's educators, is a fantastic way to maintain consistency and continuation between home and education.

I am excited to meet more of you, to have a chat and hear your feedback. 

Studio News

 Over the last few weeks our main focus has been about settling the children, forming trusting bonds with them and ensuring the continuity of transitions and routines. As the children become more comfortable and confident in the environment, we have been observing and exploring their interests and capabilities. We do this so we can plan and program effectively, ensuring that we are meeting your child's needs and extending on the areas of development.


Please pack at least four sets of spare clothes. As infants, they can go through a lot of clothing because of spit ups from bottles, occasional nappy leaks and activities that are messy and dirty. It is also important to dress your child in 'day care clothing' for this reason.

You are required to pack a fitted sheet for your child's cot, please don't rely on us using our spare sheets every day. We can understand a one off and that is what our spare sheets are for.

Everything you pack needs to be clearly labelled with your child's name. Anything that isn't labelled is at risk of getting misplaced or mixed up with another child's belongings.

Any medications, creams, lotions (sunscreen, bonjela, eczema cream, Panadol, sudocream etc) requires a chemist label. We cannot administer without this. The chemist label needs to have your child's name on it.

Medication forms can now be filled out by you on XAP. This is really convenient and easy and can be done early in the morning or once you get to work.

If your child requires Panadol for teething pain, you need to provide us with a letter from your GP that states that your child is currently teething and requires pain relief. Please note, these expire after a week. Other than teething pain, we do not administer pain relief.

Please ensure to update us regularly on your child's routine so we are aware of any changes etc. We encourage families to verbally communicate where possible. Our daily information charts are designed for those rare days that you don't see me in the morning and you have information to pass on to me.  

 Welcome to the Coolibah Room.

The beginning of the year we concentrated on getting to know the children and making sure we were familiar with every child's routine, likes and dislikes. This makes it easier for the children to settle into their new environment and enjoy their day without too many challenges. Feel free to talk to us at any time about your individual child's needs and likes either face to face or via the parent diary on the lockers or XAP platform.

The educators in the room discuss most days together and review what has been successful and what challenges we have had. Together we can then plan to make our days the best they can be for our little friends. You have probably seen our room change around to suit our routines and make it a happy place to be for the children.

We have been using lots of sensory activities in the room and outside as we have noticed the children enjoy these. These assist children to develop and build relationships and friendships while having lots of fun. Play based learning allows the children to build a sense of identity and strengthens self- regulation, and physical and mental wellbeing. We will continue to use these sensory activities like rice play, water play, paint, playdough, sand and natural recourses most days in the next few months as the children find them calming and fun.

For children to bring their awareness for different culture and care for the land; the children have been learning about acknowledgement of country and Australian animals through this activity.

To develop children's social developments, we have provided different opportunities for children such as playing ball games, singing rhymes with actions, or dancing together.

This month we will celebrate Easter by reading a book about Easter, Easter egg colours, making Easter activities or dancing to Sleeping bunny and we will have Easter egg hunt and Easter hat parade too.

Next few months we will focus on developing children's listening, fine motor and gross motor skills by providing them with different experiences in a small group.

We will continue to explore each child's individual learning, needs, interests through reciprocal relationship with the children.

Educators: Miss Bijal, Miss Himani, Miss Tracy.

Welcome to the news about your child's learning in the Eucalyptus room. What an exciting and busy start to the year!

It's hard to believe we are already in the month of March.

Last two months we have been focusing on settling the children into their room environment, making them feel safe, secure and supported. We will be supporting the children in their Social and emotional wellbeing throughout the year with new challenges and discoveries and look forward to celebrating their efforts and achievements. The children have shown their interest in different animals in the past few weeks (Zoo and farm animals). They have enjoyed a range of books relating to that and a variety of activities including puzzles relating to animals.

In the next program our focus is to help children to recognize their belongings like their locker,
sheets, water bottles etc. When they are being dropped off in the morning, they know where to
put their bag, where to put their water bottles etc. When they are waking up after rest time, an
educator is going to support them by putting their belongings in the bag.
Children are engaged in various activities inside and outside. They are improving and
developing their gross and fine motor skills through various activities outside like riding bikes,
obstacle course, various blocks, and sandpit.
Just a few reminders:
● Please label your child's belonging (water bottle, hat, milk bottle, bag etc)
● No hat No play.
● Please always put some spare clothes in your child's bag.
● If your child is allergic to anything please feel free to discuss it with one of our educators
about it.
●If your child needs to start toilet training, please let one of our friendly staff know.
● Please apply sunscreen to your child when they are coming to the centre in the morning
or ask a staff member for help. (Sunscreen is available)
Feel free to talk to our educators if you have any concern about anything for your child's
learning. We will be there to help you.

Miss Monica and Miss Zubaida 

 In our Lilly Pilly room, the children have now started to settle into their new environment and are understanding their daily routines within the room. They enjoy exploring their room where they can use their imagination and creativity.

We have been focusing on the children feeling safe and secure with their new room educators and the children around them. The children have been able to develop new interests as they continue to explore both indoors and outdoors.

This month, we have been engaging in sensory/ fine motor experiences where the children are able to explore and create with different textures and use their hand eye coordination skills. The children have been exploring with kinetic sand, play dough, paint, sand etc. This encourages them to be curious and use their creativity and imaginative skills.

Continuing to next month, we will be engaging in physical activities such as using the obstacle course and engaging in ball games as this will develop on their gross motor skills. We will also encourage friendships within the room where children can interact with other children during daily experiences and learn each other's names. We will also engage more in group times whether it be reading stories together or daily group activities as children and educators can communicate with each other, developing on social skills.

Just a reminder, please remember to label your child's belongings.

If you have any questions, please approach the educators in the room and they will be able to assist you.


Miss Simran & Miss Sukh

 Dear Paperbark Families, 

The first quarter of the year has been very busy and exciting at the same time for the Paperbark room as we welcomed new children and new families into our classroom. The children have started to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with their new educators in the room.

We are very happy to welcome you all into our room and work with you and your children to help them grow and develop. We hope to do the best we can to assist in the transition of leaving your child with us. It is our goal to ensure that your child feels safe, secure, loved, and welcomed while in our care.

As this time of the year it is quite challenging for children with the room changes, different educators, and environment, it is crucial that we help them to deal with these changes and acknowledge children's feelings. All the children who transitioned from previous rooms or new children, they have been super brave and have been confidently exploring and engaging with social and physical environment which is amazing.

For the children to better understand about the different feelings and for them to settle in their new environment, we have been reading emotions books and talking about different emotions and also learning that all emotions are OK.

We have been talking a lot about Australian animals which was related to Australia day and extended on reading about Australian animals, singing songs and doing actions, listening to the sounds they make, and dancing and moving like Australian animals. To further extend the learning, we have also created an area in the room where children will get to explore all the Australian animals.

Our main focus has been about colours, Rainbow colours through different activities planned every day. It's great to see that most children are getting familiar with different colours. As children were learning about colours, they showed great interest in ocean animals. As per children's interest we continue to learn bit more about ocean animals and we will further learn about other different animals, insects and bugs too as we go on.

The children showed great interest in role play as well, especially home corner where yummy food has been cooked by our little chefs. We also have a few little builders in our room, where tall buildings, twin towers, car parks, roads, parks, etc, are built and constructed everyday with magnetic and wooden blocks, Lego's, geometrical blocks.

Play-dough, painting and collage activities have been very popular in our room and children are always eager and curious to participate in those activities. We would like to concentrate on sensory experiences much more in following months and also, we would like to do more painting, art and craft and messy plays once everyone is settled into our routine.

The children in Paperbark room have been learning a few new songs, e.g. " Good Morning" song, " Hello my Friends Hello" to learn about greetings to our peers and educators. " Clap your hands" and " One Little Finger" to learn about different body parts. " Five Little Monkeys" to learn about numbers and also singing to our ABC songs every day.

Therefore, we have a parent communication book located in our room for you to write down messages. If you have anything in your mind that you would like to add to our program, please feel free to approach us. We would love your input. The Educators of Paperbark room look forward to work together throughout 2023 to make your child's learning journey fun and enjoyable.

Thank you.

Miss Fazia, Miss Dimple and Miss Emma

Hi families, we've had a very busy first three months in the Wattle Room. The children have been busy exploring the room, discovering the new toys and enjoying the challenge of the outdoor area, eg rock climbing wall, rope tunnel & giant whirly slide.

The children have been doing a lot of fine motor skills activities to develop their fine motor skills and hand control for prewriting skills.

The children have been practising recognizing and writing letters through tracing inside letters, using different writing techniques, eg writing in sand and foam with sticks and participating in alphabet arts and crafts.

This month we will be celebrating Harmony Day, Earth Hour Day and World Water Day, to increase the children's understanding of kindness and sharing.

We are pleased to see the children settled, improve their self-help skills and develop language and social skills.

The children are enjoying their Group Circle Time, using this time to learn new things, eg alphabet, emotions and story time using props.

In the coming months we will be introducing different science activities, as well as other activities to ascertain the children's interests, and introducing 'Show and Tell Time' for the children to bring in their favourite item to show and talk about to their peers. This is to increase the children's confidence and language skills.

We welcome any ideas, input and feedback from families.

Miss Clara, Miss Ruth, Miss Roshni

Kindergarten News

 We have been very busy this term in kindy 1. We have been focusing on letter and name recognition through connecting letters with words that we were familiar with. We used familiar objects to create our own version of the word and letter that we were focusing on. We will continue this throughout term 2 as this forms part of the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines, exploring literacy in personally meaningful ways.

Throughout the month of March, we have been very busy exploring our environments and how we can keep them clean. We have participated in clean up Australia Day by cleaning up our outside environment and while exploring our gardens, we came across little bits of rubbish which gave up the question, 'Where will this piece of rubbish end up if we don't pick it up?' After lots of research and discussions, we extended onto learning about our waterways and what they do and how rubbish impacts them. This then extended onto our eco-system research and investigations. We made our own eco-system that housed our fish and plants together. This system is able to work together to keep the living things healthy and alive. (Our fish water, waters our plants using a piece of string that is connected). Next month we will be exploring living things such insects and plants and how they grow and remain healthy.

Towards the end of term 1 we introduced our daily calendar and show and tell sessions. Through daily calendar group time, children are exploring days of the week, numbers, months, seasons and weather and gives confidence in participating in group settings. Confidence is also encouraged through our show and tell group sessions that have also started this term. We are all excited to show drawings that we draw ant home and confidently talk about them while answering questions from our friends. Each child will have the opportunity to participate in show and tell journal sessions on a day that is allocated to them. This day is written on the front page of their journal. Each month we will have a topic that we will be focusing on. This topic will also be written in the journal.

Miss Ruby and myself look forward to continuing our learning throughout term 2 and if you would like to discuss anything please feel free to do so.


Miss Jacqui and Miss Ruby 

 Welcome back to March's newsletter.

February: The children built their strong and trusted relationships with each other and their teachers through "All about me " project. It is a great way to foster each child's sense of self. These activities allow children to learn more about themselves and share their interests and abilities with their peers.

March: We began to explore phonic sound and alphabets each week. The children are practicing to recognising, writing or forming the letters through a variety of different medium and resources.

Learning Sustainability through everyday practice and discussion is very involved learning this term. Save water, paper, tree and electricity one of our intentional teaching goals this term to bring their awareness to support and look after our planet. We also introduced to them Eco-system world which we will be exploring more in next term.

Moreover, small group experiences such as, cutting, painting, small group games and story time, role play in home corner and solve puzzles, expand their social group through "buddy play" is our big achievement in this term. The children learn to solve -problem, make decision about fair and unfair behaviours, support each other's feeling and idea during play, maned their feeling and emotions, display concern for others, critical think before act. The small group play also lead their learning to self-regulation and implementing different resilience strategies while managing own behaviours and feeling.

We are very thankful to our parents to participating in "mark making area." The parents are encouraging and supporting their children to recognise and write their names.

Term one is coming to an end, and the children's report will be conducted in March reflecting on the progress of the goals the was set for them. In addition to this, a new set of goals will be set for the next term. If you have any goals you would like us to pay more attention to, you are more than welcome to discuss them with us!

Term-2 goals:

  • Ø Role-play: Engages in dramatic play, taking on pretend character roles
  • Ø using everyday language to describe shapes, directions and positions
  • problem-solving in everyday situations
  • Ø Cultural diversity
  • Ø Developing awareness of problems and actions to protect environments
  • Ø Developing awareness of science inquiry
  • Ø Small group experiences
  • Ø Show-tell: "Teddy bear going home"
  • We will make a roster for our teddy to visit one child a week. The children are taking teddy bear and a diary to their home. The children will share their time with teddy through photos.

Warmest Regards,

Miss Payal and Elfin