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April News

Welcome to our April newsletter. We have had a busy few weeks with our Mad Hatters Tea Party and our Easter Celebrations. 

Thank you for your amazing support during these events.

 Pin Code Entry

As many of you are now aware that we have a pin code to enter the building. Every family will have thier own unique number. It's important that you do not give your pin code to anyone else.

We also ask that you do not let other people in behind you. This is for the safety of everyone. If they don't have a pin code, then they should not be entering without seeing the Director first. 

Arrival Time 

A reminder that we require all children to have arrived by 9:30am. When children are arriving after this time it is a disruption to the room and can then create other children to become upset. This will then cause a disruption to the learning program.


Accounts must be 1 week in advance at all times, as per centre policy. Please ensure you are familiar with the day your payments are scheduled to be deducted. Dishonoured payments will incur a $14.95 dishonour fee and your position at the service will be suspended if payment is not made on the same week the payment was declined.

If you need to change the day your payment is deducted to avoid a dishonour fee, please come and see me at the office.

Community Event 

We have a community event coming up at Forest Lake. La Bella Ladies Night - the opening of a new gift shop in Forest Lake. Just in time for Mother's Day. Find the event on Facebook and let them know you are coming. 

Thanks Tammy