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September News!


Spring is finally here; the days are starting to warm up and the Sun is up when Miss Cindy arrives in the morning! It's funny to say just last week I was arriving in the dark with the carpark lit up like a Christmas Tree and this week I'm surrounded by daylight!  I not complaining to say the least.  

We are halfway through September, sadly the year is ending. This means we have plenty to start organising, so we need to throw a few Save the Dates out there! 

Pre-School Graduation - 16th December 2022 and Children's Christmas Party - 17th December 2022 

School Photos should hopefully arrive back next week, as soon as they arrive, I will let you all know. 

Public Holiday!

Jellybeans will be Closed on Thursday - 22nd September 2022 due to the Public Holiday for the National Day of Mourning!  We will also be closed Monday - 3rd October 2022 for the Queen's - King's Birthday!

Queen Elizabeth!

Happy Birthday! 

The following Educators and Children have all celebrated their Birthdays during the Month of September, please join me in sending well wishes their way!  Happy Birthday to you all, we hope that you all have a wonderful day celebrating with Family and Friends. 

Elena, Luca, Darasimi, Averie, Juliana, Sofia, Miss Pam and Miss Martha. 

Happy Birthday!

Talk Like A Pirate Day! 

Monday is Talk Like a Pirate Day! To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to come dressed up we will run this event across the Week! So this means you can come dressed up all week if you wish!  

Our Educators always enjoy Dressing Up!

Educator News! 

We would like to welcome Miss Taylah-Jo to our Jellybean Family! Miss Taylah has been completing her Practical Experience with Miss Steph and Miss Sulu in the Nursery over the past few months, she now has taken on a Permanent Role whilst she completes her Study.  

Miss Taylah-Jo!

Transition Statements! 

For those of you that are enrolled in our Pre-School Room have you notified the Educators where your Child will be attending Prep in 2023! Our Educators need this information so they can forward your Child's Transition Statement to the preferred School once it is complete! 

In the event you have not yet selected a School, now is the time to start the process, as most of the Local Schools are having Pre-Prep Orientation Days that will help assist your Child with their transition to School. 

If you need any assistance with School Zones please feel free to some and have a chat.