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June News!

Hello and Welcome! 

Well who can believe it is the end of the Financial Year already - Tax Time! One could certainly ask where the year has gone! A huge welcome to all of our new Families that have become part of the Jellybeans Family in the last few weeks, we certainly hope that you enjoy your time with us.

In the event your child is not coming in on their booked day of attendance, could you kindly pop through an email or contact the Centre to let us know they are going to be absent. 

Each day it is vital that each child is signed in and out through the KIOSK that are located in the foyer area, if you are experiencing difficulty using them please see Cindy for assistance. If you forget to do this you will be prompted to confirm the attendance or absence next time you log into the KIOSK. Please do not let your children play with these as they are not toys. 

Until next time, take care! 

June Birthdays! 

Lets extend a huge Happy Birthday to the following Children and Educators who have all celebrated their Birthdays during the Month of June! We hope that you all enjoyed you special day! 

Miss Ha, Miss Stephanie, Mr David, Miss Tanima and Miss Cristina.

Nadar, Zainab, Erheer, Sebastian, Evelyn, Andy, Jade, Charles, Janelle 

Even Miss Cristina made the Photo!


Please ensure that you do not leave any child unattended in the Carpark at any time. To put it simple - It is against the Law!  

Car Restraints - Should you still be using a Car Restraint for your Child? Check out QLD Transport for relevant information on Car Seats and how and when they should be used. 

When moving about in the Carpark please ensure you hold your Child's Hand, you never know when a Car may move. 

Safety Reminder!

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Illness and Sickness! 

Sick Children

Just a quick reminder if your Child is showing any signs of being Sick or Unwell they should not be attending the Centre. I kindly ask that you pay extra attention to any flu like symptoms, discharge from the eyes or nose and vomiting and diarrhoea. In the event that your child does become unwell at the Centre you will be contacted to come and collect your child, please keep in mind certain exclusion periods will be put in place depending on the signs and symptoms your child is displaying. It is vital to ensure we have current and up to date Contact Details at all times. If you need to add an alternative Contact Number please contact Cindy and let he know. 

Miss Kelly!  

Have you had the chance to meet Miss Kelly who has recently joined our Jellybean Family? Miss Kelly has her Diploma in Children Services and many years experience in the industry! Please feel free to stop and say hi next time you are in!  

Miss Kelly!
Check out the New Books Mr David was lucky enough to get Donated! We will use these during our NAIDOC Celebrations!