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July News!

Welcome to our July Newsletter!

Who can believe we are at the end of July already; Tax returns are being prepared and CCS has updated! For those of you that still have concerns with your CCS, please contact Centrelink. 

Just a quick reminder about Centre Safety - Please do not allow anyone inside the Centre that you are unfamiliar with. We have a Doorbell that visitors can use to get an Educator's attention. 

Speed Limit in Carpark - Please be observant of how fast you are travelling while utilising the Centre Carpark, little people are moving around and sometimes doors can be opened unexpectedly. It is vital that we are all vigilant to ensure the Safety of everyone that uses our Carpark. 

Milk Bottles - These need to be given to an Educator on arrival each morning, please ensure that your Child's Bottle has the following information - Child's Name and the Date the Bottle was made. This applies to Bottles that contain Cow's Milk or Formula that has been made already. 

Toys - Just a quick reminder about toys and why we ask you not to bring them into the Centre - They can get lost or broken! The Centre has plenty of resources for your Children to play with during the day, so please encourage your little ones to leave their precious goodies at home.

Breakfast - When bringing in Breakfast please keep in mind that we have Children with severe Allergies, so the following ingredients are not permitted inside the Centre: Eggs, Nuts, Shrimp, Chicory Root and Decaffeinated Tea. Breakfast finishes at 7.30am. 

Photo Day!

Don't forget Photo Day is the 26th of July, anyone that does not attend on the Wednesday will be taken on Thursday the 27th of July. Due to issues with the QR Code not being user friendly we have opted to have the Photos available for the Families to view. Once they arrive, we will let everyone know. 

Photo Day 2023!

Lone Pine Excursion!

How proud am I of our Jellybean Family! To extend on our learning with our Lipsy Loo Program we organised a trip to Lone Pine to further enhance the Children's knowledge of Animals. The Children were super excited to board the Big Red Bus and head off to our very first BIG excursion to Lone Pine! Our Educational Discovery Tour was super informative and interactive! We all had the opportunity to pat the Koala and then came the super proud moment, we were all big and strong and put our fears aside to pat the big Python Snake! The Rainbow Lorikeet was very well trained and kept us entertained with lots of kisses for his trainer Kayla. One would have to say from the feedback received the major highlight was being able to feed the Kangaroos on our own! No fear shown here, we all moved around freely interacted with the Kangaroos! Special mention should be made to our amazing Educators: Miss Pedeta, Miss Alena, Mr David, Miss Tanima and Miss Effie - You guys rock! You all did an amazing job with the Children, and we are so looking forward to our next big adventure!

Lone Pine Excursion!

Police Visit!

The Pre-School Children were super impressed with Miss Meg's visit! The highlight was hearing the siren roar and watching the lights flash! We learnt that the Police are there to help the community, not just to catch the "Bad Guys and put them in jail!" We all eagerly tried on the different vests, played with the Handcuffs and all had a turn inside the cage - That's where the Bad Guys go! 

Constable Meg came to Visit!

Garden Programme!

Each week the Pre-School Children will engage with Miss Robyn in creating a wonderful Garden Area for all of us to enjoy. This is a 10-week programme, and we are super excited to watch the Garden develop over the next 10 weeks!  Our first week consisted of preparing the Garden Beds and erecting a Green House that will be used over the coming weeks to grow our own little seedlings. We have created a Weekly Gardening Journal that will have documentation of our Gardening Journey, please feel free to check it out. 

Team Work to get the job Done!

RSPCA Visit!

A huge thanks to everyone that made a donation towards our RSPCA Basket Miss Greta and Gus were very impressed with our Donation! During the visit the Children were Educated about - How to Care for Your Pet! We spoke about meals, grooming and health checks! 

Greta and Gus with our Donation Basket!

Fire Truck Visit!

What better way to end our exciting week - A visit from the Local Fire Station! We were super excited to watch the Fire Engine arrive and hear the siren roar! Everyone was very eager to have a go at holding the Fire Hose and turning it on, the bush area got a good watering! The visit formed part of the Children's Learning with the Lipsy Loo Program they are participating in - Transport. The Police and Fire Truck visit also extends on the Children's Learning about the Community. We want the Children to from warm and inviting relationships with our Community Workers, not to feel scared. 

Perfect way to get to know our Community Workers!

Years of Service!

July marks the following Work Anniversaries for the following amazing Educators:

Mr David has been with Jellybeans for 14 years and Miss Alena will celebrate 9 years with us. 

Both of these Educators bring their own unique personalities each and every day and certainly bring a smile to each and every child they meet! 

These two are certainly an asset to the Team and we appreciate each and everything they do! Well Done Guys! 

Congratulations Miss Alena and Mr David!

It's Your Birthday!

Please join us with Celebrating the following Educators and Children that have celebrated their Special Day during the Month of July!

Miss Annabelle, Miss Effie, Miss Shaileen and Miss Taliesha 

Aadhya, Aaleyah, Alice, Anastasia, Aria, Elijah, Halle, Hudson, Isabella, Jadon, Jorden, Kim, Luka, Mahika, Mariam, Oliver, Vivaan 

Happy Birthday!