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April News

Hello and Welcome to another Edition of Jellybean News!  

Hello to everyone who has joined us recently, we certainly hope that you enjoy your time with us. As most of you are aware Jellybeans has had its fair share of renovations lately and we are pleased to announce the Toddler Yard is now complete, Miss Vicki should hopefully resume her role in the kitchen as of 4th May and the renovations on the back yard have now commenced. 

Do you guys all know the Jellybeans has its very own Facebook Page! Please take the time to add us to your own Personal Page so you can keep up to date with the highlights of Jellybeans. Just being a little extra checky I would like you all to share the Page with your friends and family! Lets see how many more "Likes" our Centre Page can receive. 

Jellybeans is all about working with the community and we would love to assist you in any way we can! Do you have a Business that you would like us to advertise in our Monthly Newsletter or perhaps place some Business Cards in our Foyer? Send me through an email and I'd be only to happy to help.

Until next time.....

Car Park Safety!  

Car Park Safety!

Whilst using our carpark please be extra vigilant with your speed as you never know how unpredictable children can be! One minute they have your hand then the next they don't! We want to keep everyone safe, so please observe your speed. 

Please be extra cautious as due to the renovations we have trucks and machinery moving around, please be courteous and perhaps give yourself a few extra minutes for drop off and pick up in the event you may have to wait for a truck to move. 

This also applies to our Garbage Man, although he tries to collect the rubbish without causing any disruption to the Centre sometimes this can not be helped and I have noticed some Parents become very impatient and drive around the truck. This poses a serious safety concern for you one as the occupant of the car, the other occupants of the other vehicle that is entering or exiting the carpark that you have the potential to hit plus the Garbage Man. Please be patient and courteous. 

Under no circumstance should any child be left in a vehicle at any time unsupervised by an adult. Whilst I do understand once children start big school they think they can stay in the car during drop off and pick up, unfortunately the Law states otherwise. Please keep in mind that the Police will be notified of any child that is left unsupervised in any car in our carpark. 

Public Holiday - Centre Closed!  

Centre Closed!

26th April 2021 - Anzac Day Public Holiday 

3rd May 2021 - Labour Day Public Holiday  

Who doesn't enjoy a Long Weekend! 

SK and Pre-School!
Toddler Fun!

Happy Birthday!  

Celebration Time!

Please join me in wishing the following Educators and Children a very Happy Birthday! They have all celebrated their Birthday during the month of April. 

Desmond, Luka, Acelan, Nicholas, Novaeh, Rubab, Harper, Bella, Louis, Timothy, Kieran, Lily, Sienna, Kelsey and Ella. 

Miss Mila

Miss Carla

We hope that you all enjoyed your special day! 


All About Me Form!

When you enrolled at Jellybeans you should have all received and email to log into our Educational Program - EDUCA. If you have not yet linked up please take the time to complete this process.  

Each day the individual rooms upload photos and stories of what the children have participated in during their day at Jellybeans. The Room Educators also upload individual stories of each child, that has planned activities linked to our Weekly Program. 

On here you will notice there is opportunity for Parents to share information about their child's likes and dislikes. The Educators can use this information to implement activities for individual children, to further enhance their interests. 

Each day I see some Parents commenting on particular experiences that their child has enjoyed, for those of you that do this I greatly appreciate the time you take in doing this however I really would love to see more. Lets see how many more Parents we can get commenting over the coming weeks. 

Session Times!  

Just a quick reminder to everyone that is currently booked in on set session times that your child can only be dropped off and picked up between these times. We have noticed a few families that are beginning to show regular patterns with turning up late, whilst we do understand the one off occasion regular occurrences are unacceptable. In the event you are late a fee will be added to your account.  

JK and Kindy Fun!
Toddler Yard!