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July/ August Newsletter

Welcome to another newsletter. I can't believe how beautiful this winter weather is. This has been a very busy month. The centre celebrated its 28th Birthday. The children had a pyjama day celebration. The Beattie Family visited the centre and helped the children eat the birthday cake and sing happy birthday. It was a lovely day full of lots of activities for all to enjoy. I'd like to say big hello to our new families who have joined us during the last month. We hope you love our little centre as much as we do.   

Photos should be ready to be collected within the next 14 days. They will arrive at the centre and the Educators will distribute them to the families. If you have not yet ordered and would like to please click on the link below 

We have actually become a training centre for Little Images Photography. This means that over the next 12 months.,2 or 3 times you will be able to obtain professional photos of your child, free of charge.   This will only apply to the children who are booked in on the days the training is taking place. The families will be notified accordingly. If you do not wish your child to participate, please do not hesitate to let me know. 

Private photos of the children are not allowed to be taken by family members or friends. If you require photos of your children to be taken, please let the Lead Educator in your child's room know. There are laws in place to protect children in the centre, this includes and not restricted too unauthorised photos of children. 

Just a reminder that fees are to be one week in advance. The centre is no longer allowed to take cash, this is a government regulation. Fees can be paid through Direct debit (which you can set up through the Xap app) or Eftpos. This can be paid through self-serve on the desk in the front office. Don't forget to complete the label with your child's name on it and pop the receipt and the completed label in the Fee Box, which is located underneath the whiteboard.

Until Next Month 

Take care. 


Toddlers room  

Jingeri (G'day mate),

Our room dynamic has changed a bit again, with 2 more friends moving up to the 3-5 room (Raven and Kirra) and new friends joining us (Goldee and Lorenzo). During these times my main focus is the wellbeing of each child. I like to keep our routine consistent, so the children know what to expect each day. We have added "Acknowledgement to Country" (part of embedding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures) into our routine before we eat every morning. The toddlers appear to enjoy this and already know it well. We are always working on self-help skills and resilience in the toddler room as well as strengthening our emerging verbal communication.

Up-coming up in our room are "National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children's Day" (4th August), "Science Week" where I like to do a number of different experiments with the toddlers (12th to 20th August) and our ever so popular annual "Book Week" (19th to 25th August).

In addition to this, I am always planning activities based on the toddlers' ideas and interests. Recently we have learned about hot air balloons, tigers, medical and dental care to name a few. We often do a craft activity but also use the opportunity to research and learn more about the topic. Their smart minds never cease to amaze me with how well they retain the new information we've learned.

As always if there's anything you'd like contributed to our program whether it be culture based, traditions, interests etc please let me know.

Nya Nyah-bu (see you again)

Miss Carina


In the 3-5 room this month we welcome two new friends into our room, welcome to Raven and Kirra.

Recently we have been busy planting and caring for our veggie garden, looking at healthy foods and sometimes foods, working on our individual goals, looking into the Indigenous culture for NAIDOC week and most importantly we have been bonding together as a group and sharing social experiences together. The children are connecting well as a group and the 3 years olds have settled in comfortably and built connections with all of the children in the room. We have been working on self-help skills such as putting away their lunchboxes, caring for their belongings and toileting. Our outdoor yard now has a cubby house for the children to explore and role-play outdoors to provide more opportunities for learning and socialising.

In the coming weeks we will be looking into Dental Health Week extending on from our healthy eating topic, we will be continuing to focus on positive social interactions and displaying kindness towards others, we will be looking at National Science Week as the children have shown interest in experimenting and using their cognitive thinking in recent experiences. 21st-25th of August we will be celebrating Book Week, dress up as your favourite book character!

The weather is still cool in the mornings and afternoons, please ensure your child has an extra layer (jumper, cardigan, coat) packed in their bag for cooler days. Even though the weather is cooling hats are still required for outdoor play, please ensure your child has a hat for outdoors. If your child's belongings are not in their locker at the end of the day, then please check their outdoor buckets on the fence outside.


  • Please provide a hat for outdoor play
  • A water bottle.
  • Weather appropriate clothing (sleeved shirts)
  • Please label all of your child's belongings

Toys/Accessories from home are welcome, however please be mindful that.

  • If the toys are not being used in accordance with room rules, then they will be removed until the end of the day.
  • Toys can get misplaced/broken throughout the day, they may not always come home, it is at your own discretion if you wish to bring in toys from home.

Thank you,

Miss Sophie

3-5 Years

 From the Nursery!

This month we said hello to Mike and Ava, I hope you enjoy your time in the nursery!

Over the next few weeks, we will be concentrating on bonding and connecting with each other and our new friends 🤗. It is very important for the babies to build secure attachments with one and then other familiar educators to gain a sense of belonging, to gain trust and to enable them to communicate their needs for comfort and assistance 🌸. Language and social play are also a big focus in the nursery. Home corner role play, picture books, music and movement and singing are regular experiences for the babies, along with sensory activities such as water play, play dough and sand play! We love making a mess!

As we continue through to the cool month of August, please ensure to pack a jumper, a change of clothing for any water or messy play, and a hat for those sunny days. We would also love your assistance with applying sunscreen to your child before arriving at kindy, and any insect repellent that they may require. We will reapply sunscreen in the afternoon, and any insect repellent if requested. If you have any concerns or questions about anything, then please let me know.

Miss Nikki