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October News Letter

Welcome to the Underwood monthly newsletter, and our new families to the centre. 

With the end of year coming up fast, we are in the final stages of finalising the children's Christmas party. We are looking at holding it again at Lollipops at Springwood. I will send out notices as soon as I have a date booked. There will also be raffles again this year as well as a visit from Santa.   

November 24th will be Kindergarten Graduation Photos, make sure you can all make that day. 

Its not long till we change over to Xap, keep an eye open for your invitation email. When you receive that you will be able to download the app and start filling in your child's details. This new system will be much easier moving forward,   I will be going for training this week so will know more to be able to help anyone that may need assistance when we transition over. 


Please pack your child's bag with extra clothes, as the weather gets warner the children play in the water more than ever, or they have accidents while toilet training. 

Remember to sign your child in and out each day. This one is very important it is a legal document and we must have an accurate account of the number of people in the centre at any time of the day for emergencies.