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November Newsletter

 From The Office

With the end of year fast approaching we have a lot of events on and we don't want you to miss a thing. 

Re Enrolment forms for 2020 were due back at the end of October, if you have not yet returned this form please do so ASAP or i can not re book your child in for care. Places are filling fast with some days  in our Toddlers and Junior Kindy already full.

Head Lice is becoming a problem again at this time of year. We need all families to vigilant in checking your child's hair each week, so we can break the cycle. If you need further information on the cycle or treatment of head lice please see the pamphlets in the hallway. 

Christmas Photos 

Christmas Photos will be on Monday the 25th November from 7.30 am til 10 am if you would like photo's and its not your child's booked day please book in a time with Leanne. You will need to pay for this on line the day before photos, i do have some cash envelopes available at the office if you prefer to pay that way.  

 Graduation Photos 

Graduation Photos will be on Monday 25th November from 9 am to 9.30 am, if it is not your child's booked day please book in a time with Leanne. we would like all Kindergarten children to come in and have their photo taken even if you are not planning on purchasing a photo of your child. You will need to pay for this on line the day before photos, i do have some cash envelopes available at the office if you prefer to pay that way. 

Christmas Concert  

This years Christmas Concert will be held on Friday the 6th December starting at 6 pm. Arrive at 5.30 pm as the concert will start at 6 pm sharp. We will start with the younger children Nursery, Toddlers, Junior Kindy, Pre Kindy then end with the Kindergarten Children.Sausages and drink will be available to purchase for $1 and $2 each, raffles will be drawn on the night.  Raffle tickets are in your child's parent pocket now for sale 50 cents each or 5 for $2

Kindergarten 2020

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All children with DOB between 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016 you will need to fill in the Kindergarten Acknowledgement form. I have sent home the Kindergarten Acknowledgement Forms 2020, you will need to supply your child's birth certificate, health care card ( if you have one) you can email these to me or bring the originals in and we can photocopy them for you.  Please have this form back ASAP so i can arrange for the kindy funding to be applied. 

  Transition to School 

  The Department of Education is running the Transition to school campaign to promote the importance of supporting successful transitions to school and the value of transition statements. As you are aware, the transition statement is one way to support successful transitions from kindy to school for children, families, schools and services. Transition statements contain important information about each child's learning and development in kindy and include suggestions that will support each child's continued learning and wellbeing when they start school. The statements include information contributed by parents or carers and the child.

Kindergarten services are encouraged to follow and share The Early Years Count Facebook posts. The following images and post suggestions for parents and carers can be used on your kindy/service Facebook or Instagram page. Don't forget to tag #theearlyyearscount

       Downloadable resources

There is a range of downloadable resources available for families and services on the Early Childhood Education and Care website.

Transition statements – what they are, the process, the parent/carer consent form and a video

Starting school – brochures, factsheets and tips

Resources - tips, games and brochures to download, print and share to support successful transitions. To support all families, the downloadable chatterbox is available in 20 languages.

There is also a range of articles for parents and families about transitions, the transition statement and the parent/carer consent form on The Early Years Count website.Follow this link to access the starting school articles.


Biting is typical behavior for children up to about three years of age. The first step to eliminate biting is to discover why that child bites.

Why children biteExploring —

Young children learn by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. If you give an infant a toy, one of the first things she does is put it in her mouth. To a very young child, biting a person and biting a toy are the same—it's a way to learn about the world.

Teething —

When new teeth come in, a child's gums may be swollen and very tender. Chewing sometimes helps the pain. Chewing on a person may feel just as good on sore gums as chewing on a teething ring.

Cause and effect —

Around the age of 12 months, infants learn that when they do one thing, something else happens. When they push a button on a toy, something pops up. When they drop a spoon from the highchair, it bangs on the floor. They may also find that when they bite someone, that person reacts!

Getting attention —

Older toddlers may bite other children to get attention from other children or adults. The attention may be positive or negative. Positive is good attention ("You have sore gums, don't you, Sweetie?"). Negative attention is not so good ("No!" or "You are in trouble now!" or punishing). For children who bite for attention, negative attention may be better than no attention! A lonely-feeling child soon finds out that biting is a quick way to become the center of attention.

Copy cats —

Children love to do the same things they see others doing. When a child sees another child biting, she wants to do the same thing. This is why an adult should never bite a child back. Children who see adults biting others think it's OK for them to bite too.

It's mine —

Toddlers are too young to share. They are very self-centered, and are busy learning about how to control their world. Biting is a quick way to take over a toy or to move another child out of the way.

Learning words —

Toddlers are learning how to speak. They don't always know the words that they need to say. If they can't find the words to say what they want, they may bite, hit, or push other children.

Times of stress —

Children who are bored, tired, or hungry may bite out of stress. Children going through hard family times, such as the divorce of parents, a new baby at home, or moving may be more stressed and start to bite others.

What can you do?

Think about the times when a child bites. Ask yourself some questions.

  • When did the biting take place?
  • Who did the biting?
  • Who was bitten?
  • Where did it happen?
  • What happened before and after the biting?
  • Teach children to use  words instead of biting.Stop biting before it happensIf you think a child is biting because she is exploring or teething, give her a cloth or teething ring to chew on.If children seem to fight over the same toy shopping cart all the time, buy another shopping cart. That way two children can play with the same toy at the same time. Teach children to use their words to tell others what they want. "Tell John 'No' if he tries to take away your truck."If a child bites more when he is tired or hungry, change the schedule for the day. Offer a mid-morning snack, or move lunchtime up. Arrange for an earlier nap time, or a calm, quiet activity.If you think a child is biting to get attention or from stress, spend some extra time with that child. Try reading a book together, playing together, or rolling a ball back and forth to give this child some positive attention.Stay very close to a child who has bitten others. Be ready to step in to help if you think she may bite another child.Praise childrenTell children when they are behaving the way you want them to. This will help children know the kind of behavior you like. "John, I like the way you and Mary are building together." "Sue, thank you for asking Carrie before you took the doll."
  • Download Publication Biting (PDF)

Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony  

The Kindergarten Graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday 16th January 2020 starting at 5.30 pm  

 Hello November

This year has come along quickly, we are still busy down in the Nursery. This month we waved off Georgia and Tallis to the Toddlers room and Welcomed Ali and Tasi to our room. These have been positive transitions for everyone.

Activities in our room have included Playdough, Goop, Drawing, Soft touch box and Water play. Experiences involving Sensory Play. It includes any activity that stimulates baby's sense of touch, smell, sight and hearing. The idea is to encourage little ones to use the senses to play, create, investigate and explore. Sensory play can be an early but important step in development process.

Christmas is coming, could all my parents please provide a plain green t-shirt for our Christmas Concert, our theme is Christmas Trees. We will be performing TwinkleStar and Rock A Bye Bear. ( You are very welcome to also match and hop up in the limelight with us on the night).

Cant wait to see every there on the night

Miss Allison 

Toddler News !

We have been very busy in the toddlers welcoming new friends into the centre, as well as up from the nursery. Everyone is once again adapting to the small changes in the group of children they interact with on a daily basis.

I cant believe its coming to the end of the year already. We have all been practicing our Christmas songs and are counting down the days to the concert. Thank you for everyone who has begun to bring in their red shirts. I am very excited to see how cute the toddlers will look on the concert night.

With the weather warming up we will be participating in more water based activities to help us keep cool during the hotter days. When this happens we will hang your child's wet cloths up to dry and be collected at the end of the day. The few experiences we have done already have been big hits with the toddlers loving every minute of it. Lots of splashing, smiles and blowing bubbles. Please ensure over the next couple of hotter months that your child has a sun appropriate hat, shoes and a shirt with sleeves. This way we can all assist our toddlers to remain sun safe and protected from the heat. While out in the yard we are continuously ensuring the toddlers are getting big drinks of water to keep them hydrated and staying inside that little bit later in the afternoon to keep them cool.

Last note: Over the next few weeks a note will be sent home about another fun play date with Junior Kindy. Make sure to keep an eye out for this information.

 HI Junior Kindy families,

Welcome to all our new families to the centre and room.

Just a quick reminder that we have up and coming events.

1st December we have a play date only for Junior Kindy and Toddler children at the local Runcorn pool. Starting at 10am and finishing at 12pm, only costing $5 for your whole family including siblings to come long. Paying for shade and seating we will be receiving. Please let Miss Chloe or Leanne know If you will be coming and pay by the 27th of November.

6th of December starting at 5:30pm we have the Christmas concert, where the children are excited to perform for you. They have been practicing for some time now on the songs they choose. We have finally started practicing with only music no video prompts.

For this concert we kindly ask you bring your child in coloured shirt assigned to them for the night.

Coloured shirts are

Red: Elijah, Emily and Robin

Yellow: Winona and Mila

Pink: Freya and Kiriana

Green: Sol and Cyona

Purple: Harriet and Sadie-grace

Orange: Irah and Joanna

Blue: Chloe and Seowoo

Thanks from the Junior Kindy staff.

In the Pre Kindy room in the last two month we have had a few friends move up to our room from Junior Kindy so we would like to welcome Sonny, Winston, Ayla, George, Bodhi and Alexander to our room.

As it is getting hotter we will be having a lot more water play to try and keep cool.So with this we will be needing a few sets of spare clothes in our bags just incase we get carried away and get soaking wet and also it is a good idea to have them for any toileting accidents we might have.

As you might have seen we have a lost sock line near our hat pockets. We have accumulating a lot of lonely socks that are missing their matching friend so next time you are in if you could please take a second to have a look and you might just find a pair.

We having been practicing very hard to memorize our Christmas song with the actions for our performance.We had also started on our costumes,so if you have not yet brought in your white T shirt could you do this as soon as possible so we have enough time to decorate them.

Thank you all for your great communication whether in person or on Educa.This has been a great way for me to help your children.I would love for this to continue on so if you do have any news with in your family that you would like to share or any concerns please don't hesitate to speak to me or send me a message on Educa.

Thank you Miss Skye